Our WEC devices are easy and economical to manufacture, scalable, with few moving parts, low cost materials and environmental friendly

Butterfly device

  • Designed for lower energy wave potential seas.
  • Can absorb energy of waves from 0,5 to 5 m.
  • The device comprises a set of floats that make the shaft to turn along the path of the wave.
  • Great versatility for different wave types, float size, arms’ length…

Current device

  • Designed for currents of rivers and marine water.
  • The device consists of several spiral wound tubes.
  • Low rotation speed.
  • Without aggressive or sharp edges.
  • Working range: 0,1 m/s - 6 m/s.

Rotary device

  • Designed for seas and oceans with great wave power potential.
  • Can absorb energy of waves higher than 8 m.
  • It is made of an steel shaft, that holds one o more plastic material pipes forming spirals or helixes to a certain distance around the shaft.
  • Can have one or more helixes to give the device more stability and power.

Smart Pump

  • Water pressure up to 300 Bar
  • Power up to 200 kW