About Rotary Wave

About us

Rotary wave was founded in may 2014.

We are a technological startup that offers innovative solutions for sustainable development of renewable energy generation industry, obtaining electricity and desalinated water from waves and water currents.

  • Electricity generation through the design, development, manufacture and installation of devices to capture energy generated by water.
  • Desalination of sea water, without external cost of energy.

Renewable energies and environmental protection of our devices

  • Reducing atmospheric emissions of greenhouse gases, combating climate change through marine and river renewable energy.
  • Low visual impact of our energy harvesting sites by installing our devices offshore.
  • Absorbing the energy of moving water respecting the environment, fauna and flora.
  • Our devices do not produce electrical energy in the water, so it does not produce electromagnetic interference on water wildlife. fauna.
  • No oil is used as lubricant,avoiding the possibility of harmful discharges to the marine environment.
  • Special and recyclable materials - COMPOSITES
  • Composite Bearings that do not need lubrication
  • Low speed rotational motion
  • Minimizesthe risk to marine life
  • Helix with rounded edges.
  • No noise significantly affecting marine wildlife

Our facilities


Wave tank of Rotary Wave



Sea test site. Pobla de Farnals, Valencia



Our team

Multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians:

  • Mechanical engineers (mechanical, electrical andelectronic), Naval engineers, Telecommunications engineer, Environmental sciences graduate, Ocean sciences graduate.
  • Mechanical team: Welders, Fitters, Electricians…